Dear Student,

. This is a psychometric test which has 469 SIMPLE QUESTIONS for which your answers should be a simple ‘YES’ or ‘NO’. Your honest answers will throw light on your aptitude as well your attitude which is very important in the deciding of your career.
. This test will take at least 90 minutes to complete. Please attempt the test only if you have the time and the inclination.
.This test will cost Rs.299/- and has to be paid online. Please pay the fees only if you want to take the test seriously and want to complete it. Otherwise don’t waste your money.
.Do not miss answering any question even if you find the question REPETITIVE. The questions have been INTENTIONALLY framed that way to check inconsistencies.
.Though you may feel that the number of questions are too many, please note it has been intentionally designed that way to ensure accuracy. Hence, please cooperate.
. Please be honest while answering, dishonest answers can get you incorrect results..
. All questions must compulsorily be answered either with a ‘YES’ or ‘NO’.
. All personal details sought here must be furnished by you and must be correct. This will help us to reach you the outcome of the test quickly.
. At the end of the psychometric test you will be offered 3 OPTIONS (Option 1, Option 2 and Option 3 in the same order). This means you can give first preference to option 1, second preference to option 2 and third preference to option 3. You can excel in any one of the three courses.
. This psychometric test will also help you understand which entrance tests (GEE, CET, NEET, NDA etc) you should attempt or not attempt any entrance tests at all and seek direct admission in a course of your choice.
.If for some reason like power failure, lack of bandwidth etc, you are not able to complete the test please contact 9902618268 for assistance

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